The Modern Sales Intelligence for GTM Teams

Be it the first sales presentation or email copy, selling to today’s tech-savvy people is not easy. We help you from searching to selling.

Which problems are we solving?

We don’t want the actual selling to take a back seat while researching, prioritization, and call preparation taking most of your productive time.

Prospecting Identify the right companies
to target
Account Management Strategically target high
probable accounts
Competitive Intelligence Understand your competitor
Company Research Get critical intelligence
about companies

Get the whole story of companies

From the vast ocean of unstructured information around the web, our proprietary AI engine and our trained ML models feed our algorithm to give quality insights on companies and key accounts to target.

AI for Data-driven Prospecting

Our hybrid model of approach to data quality by AI-powered sourcing and human-verified data intelligence brings clean augmented company intelligence at your fingertips. Enrich your CRM with key data points leveraging Intelcues data intelligence.

Demonstrating the Knowledge

Prospecting to signing off a deal, understanding the customer’s expectations goes a long way. Intelcues gives business insights to demonstrate the knowledge of industry and customers that can get you through the door faster.

Monitoring your Competitors

Competitive intelligence is never a static game, and scouting out the unknowns has never been easy. Intelcues helps you handle objections like a pro to demonstrate the value of your products or services over your competitors.

Define your market

How it works

Enable your sales team with the right solution