Automate Your Prospect Research

Identify new prospects to target and find key insights about accounts with our AI-powered sales intelligence tool.

Prospecting is no more a shot in the dark

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Discover Accounts to Target

No more chasing unqualified accounts. Discover and get recommendations on companies that match the buying signals. Our ML-based confidence scoring suggests the right account to target and prioritize based on the scenario and competition in your market.

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Get Holistic Company Information

Account research can be hard. Say goodbye to manual research juggling through millions of corporate websites, social media, annual reports, and press releases for company information. Leverage data to get a 360-degree view of your prospects.

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Capture Buyer Signals

Get information that demands your special attention. Our AI qualifies news from all over the web to bring you the real-time signals of your market, competitors, and buyers for a potential selling opportunity.

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Impress the Prospects

Craft personalized messaging with smart cues. Understand the buyer needs to drive relevant and informed conversation with your prospects with the assurance of giving just the right solution that they need.

GTM isn’t guesswork anymore

Define your market

Curated Market Intelligence

Our AI-powered sourcing engine discovers market information and sales triggers from websites, news portals, social media, and press releases.

Daily Digest

Get a daily dose of the latest curated information about your industry, competitors, prospects, and key accounts from 100k+ sources.

Fuel your decision with the right data


Find exclusive information about companies that match your ideal target accounts. Leverage 100+ unique data points to approach the accounts strategically.

Clean Data For Your CRM

Get information on target accounts in your CRM. Keep your CRM clean and up-to-date with accurate information aggregated from reliable sources.

Define your market

Identify quick wins

Define your market

Battle Cards

Get the secret sauce of selling against your competitors with our tailor-made battle cards. Our battle cards come in handy to arm you with the most comprehensive information.

Sales Playbook

No more selling water to whales. Understand your target audience and get personalized playbooks on key accounts to handle objections and close deals successfully.


Companies tracked


Intent keywords








ML Models

Say goodbye to fragmented research

We understand your hustle!

Keeping track of companies, business signals, key insights from thousands of websites, news portals and social media could be daunting.

With IntelCues, uncover the latest information that you need about your business, competitors, and prospects to create a successful cadence and target the right leads at the right time.

Headstart your sales journey with IntelCues